Migrating My Blog

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might have been surprise today – but yes, it is still my blog :-)

From time to time I am looking into different ways of doing things. I ran my blog until now on SharePoint 2007 and an extension I found on Codeplex, which is part of the Community Kit for SharePoint called Enhanced Blog Edition. The reason for that was that I did not like the blog offered by SharePoint natively.

Now, I wanted to do a real revolutionary thing – for a Microsoftie :-): I wanted to migrate the blog on a Linux server with OpenSource software. I have to admit I failed. I started to play with the SUSE Enterprise Server (remember, we have a partnership with Novell). I set it up on my Hyper-V and it worked fairly soon without too much problems. The problems came as a Microsoftie wanted to add what is needed to run a blog and integrate the SUSE Server into Active Directory. I just gave up after spending a couple of hours and rolled back my plan – at least for the OS.

So, I decided to install Windows Server 2008 R2 and from there on wanted to experience the OpenSource side. Now, the blog runs in Windows Server 2880 R2, PHP, MySQL and WordPress. Until now, I really like WordPress as it gives me a lot of flexibility with all the PlugIns – more than I actually need. The only real hassle I had was the migration of the blog posts but finally even that worked….

So, for you nothing should change. Basically even the RSS-feed should still work even though the default feed now has a new URL but I used URL Rewriter to map.

So, if you experience any issue, please get in touch with me (see the About page)



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