Microsoft Outlook for Android and iOS – what did the developers think?

I would love to use this cool mail app – really. One of the pain points since moving away from Windows Phone (to me definitely the best phone on the market with too many apps missing) is finding a good and efficient mail/calendar/task app. There are plenty out there but hardly one that is as […]

Microsoft drops Advance Notification Service

For more than a decade I was working for Microsoft. I saw all the progress Microsoft made with Trustworthy Computing since Blaster and the introduction of Windows XP SP2. I defended Microsoft’s moves in the field as a Chief Security Advisor in Switzerland, afterwards EMEA and finally I was globally responsible for this outstanding community. […]

Details on the Belgacom Hack 2013

In June 2013 an attack on Belgacom surfaced. Even though it seems that it started 2011, Belgacom seemed to figure out that they are under attack as Exchange did not work properly anymore. There are a lot of interesting details on the attack in this article: Operation Socialist. What strikes me more than the attack […]

Do you trust the Cloud?

Trust in your cloud provider is key, when you move more data there than data classified as public. Then come all the solutions encrypting your data, which keeps it safe but at the end of the data loses search. A real problem I have not seen a solution. Additionally we run into the problem protecting […]