Perimeter Security Fails – Even at Airports

In IT security we talk about the limited impact perimeter security has since a long time. The firewalls do not play the roles anymore they used to as the business got too complex and the term “perimeter” has a completely different notion today. So we try to find new ways to defend: We focus more […]

Great Awareness Video

Australia has proven to be very creative in the past when it comes to cybersecurity and measures against it. Yet again, they published a fairly good video on security awareness. The only drawback: I you are not Australian – it is not THAT easy to understand J Roger Related articles Australian cybersecurity video plays dumb […]

Microsoft Outlook for Android and iOS – what did the developers think?

I would love to use this cool mail app – really. One of the pain points since moving away from Windows Phone (to me definitely the best phone on the market with too many apps missing) is finding a good and efficient mail/calendar/task app. There are plenty out there but hardly one that is as […]